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J.Savoie Studio-Gallery is located at 11A Wright Street, Ottawa, Ontario  K1K 2C8

Kiosk at the ByWard Market in Ottawa every Saturday and Sunday from May to September 2019  (on ByWard Market Street)



When I look at your paintings I feel your passion expressed through your interpretation, your perspective. I am drawn to your ‘dream-like’ paintings as I find they stir the emotions and I gravitate towards those that trigger strong positive vibrations in me. A subtle change in colour or depth makes me feel as if I am present. The various elements within your paintings simply bring it to a harmonious whole. Your paintings make me feel at peace, there is a serenity that speaks to my soul. It quiets the mind, like an escape from a busy world. They make me smile and make me feel ‘in the moment”. I am a fan of your artistic work Joanne!   Denise M.

Tu es la meilleure, garde la tête haute et les yeux à ta créativité innée, la sensibilité qui émane de ton art fait ta force. Continue à travailler s'en t'attendre à rien, à rien d'autre que l'amour de ton art, le reste s'occupera de lui même.   Ronald S.

Whimsical and empathic.   Terry C.