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​Richard Heringer (Biff) bilingual
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J.Savoie Studio-Gallery is located at 11A Wright Street, Ottawa, Ontario  K1K 2C8



When I look at your paintings I feel your passion expressed through your interpretation, your perspective. I am drawn to your ‘dream-like’ paintings as I find they stir the emotions and I gravitate towards those that trigger strong positive vibrations in me. A subtle change in colour or depth makes me feel as if I am present. The various elements within your paintings simply bring it to a harmonious whole. Your paintings make me feel at peace, there is a serenity that speaks to my soul. It quiets the mind, like an escape from a busy world. They make me smile and make me feel ‘in the moment”. I am a fan of your artistic work Joanne!   MacPherson D.

Tu es la meilleure, garde la tête haute et les yeux à ta créativité innée, la sensibilité qui émane de ton art fait ta force. Continue à travailler s'en t'attendre à rien, à rien d'autre que l'amour de ton art, le reste s'occupera de lui même.   Ronald S.

Whimsical and empathic.   Terry C.