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Artist Statement

Since the dawn of time, the artist's creative energy has been the thread that links a work to its spectators, awakening their senses and capturing their imagination: it's the thread that dreams are woven from. In my turn, I lay onto the canvas the emotion that inspires or enchants me, hoping that the fruit of my effort will cross the ages and give rise to the same astonishment and wonder and that my work will be Ariadne's thread leading to the world of imagination.

Like the character of Fanfreluche in my childhood, my brush chooses to tell me stories. It decides to set me adrift on this ocean that so often appears like a leitmotiv in my paintings. On another day it prefers to offer me a mystery to unravel or it sketches misty shapes for me to make clearer. Sometimes I meet unknown characters or visit strange places sprung from nowhere. I have a magic paintbrush that takes me to lands of fantasy.

Painting isn't just a need for me, or just a release, it's a passion fed by the desire for escape and the quest for freedom. Each painting is another wander down new roads, with unsuspected destinations to savor.